01 December 2017

MVCA Christmas Cocktail with guest speaker Michel Santi


MVCA was honored to welcome guest speaker Mr. Michel Santi - a French-Swiss economist, financier, writer, advisor to central banks and sovereign funds, to the end of the year Christmas Cocktail.

Mr. Santi is the author of several macro books on the financial crisis, on the European Union fiasco, and he was one of the very first voices to denounce austerity. In June 2015, after 30 years of experience in major economic and financial institutions, he decided to move into the Art world and business, creating “Art portfolios” for investors.

Mr. Santi will give a speech on how to invest in art entitled:

  “Art: Invest with Emotion”

The speech was followed by an interactive Q&A session and a cocktail attended by 40+ guests in the beautiful festive atmosphere at the Monte Carlo Bay hotel.