This website is the website of MVCA, the Monaco Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, a non-profit organization based in Monaco, 3 Avenue de la Costa, authorized by "Arrete Ministeriel" N-2006-91 of 17 February 2006.

While MVCA acts as a catalyst to private equity and venture capital, MVCA cannot accept any responsibility or liability with regard the material on this site. 


MVCA is committed to protecting your privacy. Personal data is processed with strict confidentiality. The Members section is accessible to members only making use of a username and password that is changed regularly.


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MVCA Members are being invited to attend MVCA Co-Investment Opportunities and/ or Fund Catwalk sessions in their capacity as member of MVCA or guest attendee and, possibly, potential investor in the investment opportunities to be presented. MVCA’s role in this context is strictly and solely that of an organiser of such event(s) facilitating the transmission of information on business opportunities to its members and guest attendees. MVCA is a Monegasque Association and is not licensed in Monaco to conduct intermediation activities or give investment advice.

  • MVCA has consequently not executed a due diligence on the investment opportunities being presented to Members. MVCA has limited its role to ensuring that the proposed investment opportunities are likely to represent interesting topics to MVCA’s members and guest attendees and do respond to standard presentation practices.

  • MVCA is not responsible for ascertaining whether all risks associated with the presented investment opportunities have been identified or disclosed, or for providing advice to its members and/or guest attendees as to whether they should enter into an investment transaction or on the documentation used to present the prospective investment opportunity or to be used for such investment transaction or on the merits of the said investment opportunity or otherwise.

  • The presentations shown at these events are destined to prospective investors who possess sufficient knowledge, based on their own experience, to evaluate the advantages and the risks inherent to the proposed investment opportunities. Members and guest attendees must make your own assessment of the investment opportunity and the risks and benefits associated with it and of all the matters referred to in the preceding paragraph.

  • MVCA does not make any representation as to, or assumes any responsibility or liability, for the merits, suitability, expected or projected success, profitability, performance or benefit of any such investment opportunity. Members and guest attendees shall consider the suitability of the investment opportunity in the light of their own circumstances and financial condition.

  • MVCA recommends that Members and attendees enter into any investment transaction only after having considered, with the assistance of external advisors, without reliance upon MVCA, the specific risks of any such investment opportunity/ transaction, including but not limited to, the legal, tax, and funding implications so as to enable you to appraise and understand the financial and legal terms of such investment opportunity/transaction and to enter into such transaction in reliance on their own judgement and that of your own advisors and not on any views which may from time to time have been expressed by MVCA.

  • MVCA shall therefore be held harmless against any and all prejudices, losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses which may be resulting from any form of action and/or absence of action and/or investment completed by an MVCA member or guest attendee or related third party in an investment opportunity presented during such MVCA Co-Investment Opportunities and/ or Fund Catwalk session.

  • MVCA shall not be held responsible for any error, mistake, negligence, misleading statement, untrue statement or alleged untrue statement or any omission or alleged omission whether material or not and/or intentional or not contained in any written or oral material or communication provided by the company and/or the individual presenting its/his investment project to the MVCA members and guest attendees.

  • Each and all of the preceding terms of this liability release shall extend to all directors, officers, employee or agents or consultants of MVCA.